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Mukti Yoga School

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Yogi

Mukti is a sanskrit word meaning “inner liberation.” It is often heard in the phrase Jivamukti, which means “one who is liberated,” and is also a term for a common style of yoga. Both Jivamukti Yoga and Mukti Yoga are forms of Hatha Yoga, but that is where the difference ends.

Chakra Balancing in Costa Rica

Join us for a week of energy balancing through Chakra themed classes. Whether you are joining us on retreat or gaining teacher training hours, you will leave feeling energized, peaceful and intuitive.
Dates: Saturday, August 11 – Saturday, August 18
Lead Teacher: Julie Rader

Early Bird
$2,200 (quadruple occupancy)
$2,300 (triple occupancy)
$2,400 (double occupancy)
$2,700 (single occupancy)
$2,500 (quadruple occupancy)
$2,600 (triple occupancy)
$2,700 (double occupancy)
$3,000 (single occupancy)

Retreat Room Options

Early Bird
$2,700 (quadruple occupancy)
$2,800 (triple occupancy)
$2,900 (double occupancy)
$3,200 (single occupancy)
$3,000 (quadruple occupancy)/
$3,100 (triple occupancy)
$3,200 (double occupancy)
$3,500 (single occupancy)

Training Room Options

*Training includes additional chakra balancing discussions and 50 hr Yoga Alliance teacher training credit

Teacher Training

Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School is a 200/500 hour Yoga Alliance approved, Registered Yoga School. Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School was established in 2004 by Julie Rader. Since that time, the school has certified hundreds of teachers who continue to be the top instructors in their area.


Join us on various destination trainings/retreats. We personally scope out the properties and ensure that you will have an informative yet restorative experience. With all the benefits of immersion training.

Public Classes

Our Senior teachers have public classes all over the South Bay. Including sound baths, workshops, and special events. Interested in joining a training? Come try a class with us first. Our treat.

Yoga for Athletes with Matt Rothert

The Yoga for Athletes module explores the anatomy and kinesiology of several sports. We will break down the difference between teaching yoga to athletes during pre-season, in-season and the off-season. Visualization, pranayama and meditation specific to athlete will be explored.

200 Hour Foundation Teacher Training

Training: 200-Hour Teacher Training

Location: The Green Yogi, Manhattan Beach
3504 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach CA 90266

Dates: September 7 – November 11

Fridays 6 pm – 8 pm
Saturdays 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Sundays 12:30 pm – 4 pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 am – 6:30 am

Lead Teachers: Heather Archer and Kristy Kelsey
Guest Teachers: Julie Rader, Chelsea Rothert and Matt Rothert

Early Bird Pricing: $2,950
Early Bird Pricing Expires: July 7, 2018
Regular Pricing: $3,300 (save up to $300)

3 Month Payment Plan: $950 deposit to hold your spot (first payment of $850 due on the first day of training September 7, 2018; remaining 2 payments due on the 7th of October and November)

6 Month Payment Plan: $600 deposit to hold your spot (first payment of $500 due on the first day of training September 7, 2018; remaining 5 payments due on the 7th of October, November, December, January 2019 and February 2019)

Thoughts on Mukti

I have had the good fortune to work with many many yoga teachers throughout the years but Julie Rader is by far my favorite. Julie has a beautiful sweet disposition. She is a scholar of Yoga and if it is desired will gracefully and effortlessly educate about the yogic positions and principles throughout the sessions. She would move me through a slower de-stressing practice when I was feeling overwhelmed in my life- always bringing me back to my breathing. After those sessions I would feel like an anvil had been lifted from my back .When I needed more energy she would bring me through a more invigorating and energizing practice. Leaving me feeling ready to take on the next tasks.

Julie is a balanced and sweet person and I think this is important when you are working with someone closely and spiritually. Her meditations are powerful and deep. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone. Julie is a healer and an angel.

With gratitude, Patricia Arquette

I had been teaching and practicing yoga for over 16 years when I first took Julie Rader’s class, and to be honest, I had lost my love of yoga. After just one class I felt inspired again and continued to attend her classes and seek out her understudies around town. Not only Julie, but all of the Mukti School graduates have a deep knowledge of the body and the yoga practice, along with gentle loving spirits. Practicing under the Mukti School has strengthened my physical yoga practice and taught me balance with every day life.

I couldn’t wait to start my first training under the Mukti School. I was blessed to be in the Pre & Post Natal program and it was life changing. Julie and Chelsey are so knowledgable. I’ve had pre & post natal trainings previously, but they didn’t touch on one percent of what the Mukti School Training covered. Their life experience was priceless in creating this program and answering all of our questions. My clients feel safe and prepared for the different stages of pregnancy, delivery and post-pregnancy recovery because the training I received through the Mukti School. Can’t wait to take the meditation training!

Christine Bullock

Fitness Professional

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