Mukti Tribe

Mukti: a Sanskrit word meaning “inner liberation”


Tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities with a common culture


Our Mukti Tribe not only practices physical yoga, but we also “live our yoga,” acting out in service, compassion and concern for all.

Julie Rader


Julie’s classes combine the solid, alignment-based foundation of Mukti Yoga with an intuitive teaching method that weaves the ancient wisdom of yoga into everyday life. Julie created Mukti Yoga as a way for her students to access yoga from the inside out and reach their highest potential by tapping into the power of their own breath and body movement. Creative and specific sequencing focuses on matching asana and intention with lunar cycles, seasons, and astrology. She draws from her diverse background in vinyasa, meditation, visualization and yoga nidra to offer a class that is supportive for beginners, challenging for advanced students, and accessible to all levels.

With a background deeply rooted in exercise physiology, Julie helps students and teachers marry the spiritual aspects of the practice with solid anatomical principles. In addition to her public classes, she is also a passionate teacher for many elite athletes, including the US National teams for volleyball, soccer, and cycling.

Julie is certified at the E-RYT500 level and is committed to making Mukti yoga available to students throughout the world. She travels for workshops, retreats, and trainings internationally and in the United States.

Heather Archer

Mukti Mentor 

Heather Archer, your Yoga Muse, is a native Californian. Growing up in Manhattan Beach, Ca. her backyard has always been the sand and the sea. Using the ocean as one of her first teachers, Heather learned to move and flow with the current of life. Also spending time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Heather strengthened her spiritual connection to Mother Nature, and Self. Playing competitive volleyball and creating a successful career in Fashion, was a dream come true. But in 2006 she found herself yearning to get back to her roots. She was in need of a new creative outlet, a pause from her fast pace life. That’s when a dear friend suggested yoga, and the evolution began!

After practicing consistently for a year, Heather had found her flow. She realized she had a strong personal passion for yoga, and the desire to share this passion with others as well. After experiencing, the positive physical, mental, and spiritual effects of her practice, it was clear that her path would lead her to becoming a teacher. The gift of light and self awareness that her teachers have shared, is the most vital aspect of her yoga journey, and the most cherished. In 2007 Heather became a certified yoga instructor through the Mukti Teacher Training Program, with Julie Rader. She has been teaching all levels of Vinyasa Flow classes for the past 7 years. Yoga Alliance certified 500RYT, and a Lululemon Ambassador since 2012, Heather also continues to lead Yoga Retreats locally and internationally. The practice of yoga transformed Heather’s life and allowed her to achieve her goals of balance, strength, and tranquility. She continues to expand her practice through advanced yoga studies and a deep personal yoga practice. In her classes, Heather’s intention is to Inspires each student to MOVE into their full potential. Creating a space of UNITY where they can heal and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. STRENGTHENING their connection to Source and Self…ultimately EVOLVING!

MUSE noun. a guiding spirit. A source of inspiration.

Linda Baffa

Mukti Mentor 

Linda Baffa is a singer, a mama, a foodie, a free spirit, and a truth seeker. She teaches a strong, alignment-based, breath-filled vinyasa flow style that seeks to find balance, peace, clarity and contentment. Linda’s classes aren’t just going to strengthen your body and soften your mind, but they are also going to make you think about your life, what changes you want to see, and how you can be the best version of yourself.

Along with public group classes, Linda enjoys working privately with students, helping to individually refine their postural alignment, guide them through meditation, and release any mental or physical discomfort. She also leads yearly workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats. Aside from yoga, Linda is an accomplished singer-songwriter and enjoys connecting the beauty of music with the beauty of yoga, often chanting lullabies and inspiring ditties in savasana. May you breathe, smile, and live your best life!

Caroline Béliard-Zebrowski

Mukti Mentor 

For Caroline Béliard-Zebrowski life is a journey, not a destination. She grew up traveling the world with her family exploring some of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Then she came across snowboarding and found herself touring the globe again, chasing the endless winter and living an inspiring life filled with competitions, photoshoots and powder days. After having suffered several injuries, Caroline started on yet another journey: She discovered her deep passion for yoga which not only helped her getting back on board but also became a way of life. “Yoga helps me to learn more and more about myself every day”, says Caroline who teaches an original approach that respects the seasonal rhythms and encourages her students to find their very own “sadhana” (personal practice) in order to achieve a happy and balanced life. Why not join the journey?

Caroline Béliard-Zebrowski, born 1983 in France, has obtained certification from the Mukti Yoga School in California that was founded by Julie Rader. She also studied Hatha Yoga in France and is doing regular advanced trainings When Caroline is not teaching classes in her yoga school at the French Atlantic Coast, she loves going surfing and snowboarding with her husband Gary and her little daughter Tya.

Kori Clausen

Mukti Mentor 

Kori Clausen is a mother, dancer, speaker and writer. Her love for her own yoga practice took on a life of its own when she completed the Mukti teacher training in 2012. Yoga profoundly enhanced Kori’s life and the most rewarding feeling to her is to be able to share this with everyone who steps into her classes in hopes they will benefit the same.

Under Kori’s instruction you learn to connect with the body in order to listen to it. She will push you to your own personal edge, building not only physical strength but mental as well. Her classes beautifully marry asana, spirituality, fun, and joy. Teaching the importance of listening to your body, letting go of ego, and accepting and believing you are stronger than you think.

Bethany Eanes

Mukti Mentor 

I teach by the most important rule my guru ever taught me, “Love holds the highest vibration.” I am a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, senior teacher trainer for Mukti Yoga School, lululemon ambassador, CAADE certified addiction counselor (expected), founder of Yoga High, Inc., & creator of the Yoga High podcast. I teach yoga as a self-care practice for mental health, specializing in mindfulness and embodiment-based techniques for personal happiness. I also have an ‘interdisciplinary humanities’ degree written in Latin from Wash U in St. Louis filed away in a drawer somewhere… I originally hit the mat because I wanted nice arms for my wedding dress. Within three months, my arms were rocking. Within six months, I was sober. I wondered, “How the heck was it that easy?” I became passionate about the proven methods and techniques of how and why yoga heals the brain. I’ve studied with everyone from Harvard neuroscientists and licensed therapists to Reiki masters and sound healers. My work is both clinical and energetic; I think of it as hard science with a soft heart. It is my ability to seamlessly blend time-honored yoga traditions with high-level science that makes my teaching unique. I believe all lives improve with the loving feelings of a really great yoga high. I believe in plasticity of the brain, in growing the insular cortex, that love heals all things, and that the full moon makes people a little crazy. Basically, I love understanding why yoga heals, but I also acknowledge some things are beyond understanding. I teach “Rad Yoga for Radical Change,” and I live it every day.

Christy Evans

Mukti Mentor 

Christy Evans is a teacher of yoga, qigong, and meditation. Christy offers her students and clients a heart-based approach to growing personal edges and stretching for a purpose on and off of the yoga mat. She believes in the benefits and power of play as a way of remembering our true nature and is passionate about guiding individuals toward the divine play within, Lila (lee-lah).

Alignment, breath, and visualizations are woven into her teachings to deepen the connection to our body and the world around. Christy offers enriching online yoga and meditation videos as an expert instructor with Grokker, which is an online resource that supports people’s passion through high-definition video. As a senior teacher for Mukti Yoga School, Christy leads certified yoga teacher trainings as well as regional and international wellness retreats. Through her background as a collegiate athlete and passion for supporting individuals and teams in reaching their highest potential, Christy offers the practices of yoga, qigong, and meditation to the professional athletes of the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer.

Christy’s teaching roots are inspired by a desire to work with individuals to maintain wellness through pre-habilitation which was discovered while working for years as a medical speech language pathologist. Her diverse interests and experiences established the roots and solid foundation from which she draws upon today. Christy is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher under the certification of Julie Rader Wellman with Mukti Yoga School. Christy is grateful for the teachings of Sianna Sherman and Noah Mazé for establishing her yoga teaching roots in alignment and grace. Additional certifications and trainings with Triloka’s medical qigong and Mattamayura Institute’s non-dual shiva tantra are integral to her path and the teacher she is today.

Jaclyn Groff

Mukti Mentor 

Jaclyn is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. After living and teaching yoga in the beach communities of Los Angeles since 2007, she has moved back to NC with her husband and new baby boy! She is excited to be closer to family and to connect with a new yoga community. Jaclyn teaches a strong, balanced, and playful vinyasa flow. Her love of yoga comes from gratitude for its transformative nature and loves sharing her practice with others. She feels it’s also important to laugh and smile along the way, carrying a sense of humor with you on and off your mat. It is her wish to help you clear your mind, improve your physical health, balance your emotions and connect with your heart. Jaclyn is dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of yoga. Jaclyn’s love of yoga is contagious!

Jamie Horgan

Mukti Mentor 

Jamie is all about the breath…and movement…in unity. She skillfully designs her classes using a unique blend of Hatha Yoga poses that build an intelligent, purposeful sequence. Jamie’s music selection helps transcend you into your practice so that it becomes a moving meditation. She builds the sequence with the music; just like a soundtrack to a movie. Having practiced and taught Vinyasa Flow Yoga for several years, and having completed an eclectic array of Yoga Teacher Trainings, she creates an environment where movement becomes liberation. She learned this through the Mukti School teachings. Jamie strongly believes that every pose should have a purpose and will ultimately lead to a deeper, more advanced posture. Jamie also believes in allowing the student to be their own teacher, while listening to their own body, and being guided by their breath. She opens the body in a way that not only frees your mind, but is also fun, feels good, and is safe on the joints.

Kristy Kelsey

Mukti Mentor 

Kristy has been practicing yoga for more than half her life and teaching since 2009. She grew up in Hermosa Beach and draws inspiration for her teaching career from her background as an elite dancer. Kristy has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher trainings with Julie Rader and focuses on creative sequencing, safe alignment and the breath + body connection. Kristy says, “My time on the mat is my own personal therapy. No matter what is going on in my life, good or bad, when I step onto my mat and tune into my breath everything is right again.” Kristy teaches mainly Vinyasa flow classes, specializing in alignment, anatomy, chakras, prenatal, yin and meditation. Kristy is also experienced in therapeutic yoga, as she worked in physical therapy for 4 years. Kristy’s love for yoga is never ending. When she’s not teaching, she’s practicing, continuing her education with trainings, reading as much as she can and exploring the world. Kristy leads annual 200-hour teacher trainings for students wanting to become teachers or those just wanting to deepen their yoga practice. You can find Kristy on the mat or at the beach!

Sharon Mettler

Mukti Mentor

Sharon is not your typical yoga instructor – she doesn’t have a background in sports or dance. Her background is similar to your typical yoga student; she is a former overworked, anxious corporate junky. Yoga provided her a profound sense of self-empowerment and brought her mind peace and tranquility under stress. She wanted to share this revelation with others, so after 7 years behind a desk she took a leap of faith to follow her true passion of teaching yoga. 

Sharon is Yoga and Meditation Teacher as well as a Sound Healer. She specializes in Corporate Yoga and Meditation, helping to relieve anxiety and stress in the office. Her various corporate clients include Activision, Hulu, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony Playstation, Westfield and many more. She teaches a variety of studio yoga classes and sound baths around the Los Angeles area, in addition to working privately with individuals and groups in their homes or at the office. Linking breath to movement, Sharon’s classes teach her students how to use the breath as a tool they can bring into their lives outside the studio to deal with difficult situations. Her classes are fun, creative and challenging while remaining accessible for students of all levels. The goal of her classes is for her students to leave feeling energized and empowered; strength and flexibility are just a bonus!

Lauren Olsen

Mukti Mentor

Lauren was born and raised in Massachusetts. She moved to Southern California and Oregon as she has a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Her background is in Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training and Yoga. There was a challenging time in her life where she began to practice yoga regularly with no expectation, except for maybe some inner peace. But what Lauren found was a power within! There was a pose that would normally bring her to her knees, at that time she did not believe she could do it. So she asked herself to believe, just like that she came into the pose with grace and ease. In that moment she understood the power of yoga. It changed her life and she became a teacher! The tools we learn from the journey on our mats are the same tools we can utilize off of the mat!

Yoga strengthens the body, the mind and spirit. Lauren is grateful to watch people’s lives improve from the practice of yoga….

Danielle Preissing

Mukti Mentor 

Danielle is a sense of stillness in an often-chaotic group. Guiding people into a more peaceful way of being is Danielle’s true passion. Danielle has found the following quote comforting throughout her life and reflects upon it often. “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart.”  -Unknown.

Danielle is enthusiastic about weaving mediation, asana, and a deep love for community into her class as she guides people towards physical and spiritual growth. As a result of her ongoing studies of yoga and Neelakantha Meditation she offers a dynamic, energizing class focused on physical alignment, attention to detail, and wisdom. Through immersion into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, Danielle believes great transformation and healing can occur.

Though she has dedicated the past 16 years of her life to yoga and mediation, she is an extremely proud mother of two children, and wife to an amazing husband.  Being married to a former professional athlete, Danielle’s life has led her to many different countries and cultures.  Through an ever-changing landscape she has learned to put down deeps roots with practice, study, and teaching.  She is particularly dedicated to her meditation practice, which helps her find peace wherever she may be.

As a passionate mother, she also loves guiding people through a healthy and informed pregnancy and childbirth. Danielle is a certified Khalsa Way Pregnancy yoga and mediation teacher.

Danielle is grateful to be part of the inspired Mukti Yoga Staff, where she has found her true voice as a teacher. She is encouraged to lead a physically, mentally, and emotionally powerful class with deep attention to anatomical awareness. She leads foundation and graduate trainings for Mukti.

Chelsea Rothert

Mukti Mentor 

Chelsea Rothert specializes in Power Vinyasa, Restoratives, Therapeutics and Pre/Postnatal Yoga. She is also a DONA certified Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator; helping guide women mentally and physically through a natural labor. She began her own yoga practice in 2004 and began her teaching journey in 2007 while living on the Big Island of Hawaii.

She now has over 500+ Hours of yoga training with and leads multiple teacher trainings with The Mukti School of Yoga throughout the year. Currently residing in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband Matt Rothert, she offers weekly Yoga Classes and continues to lead Yoga retreats both near and far.

Matt Rothert

Mukti Mentor 

His smile says it all. This guy loves yoga. During a challenging time in his life, Matt Rothert walked into Julie Rader’s yoga class and he was forever changed. He found a deep spiritual connection and the community that he had been longing for. Yoga began to transform every aspect of his life. Matt began his teaching career in 2009 and since then has earned over 500 hours with the Mukti School of Yoga. He loves sharing the transformational effects of yoga with his students and believes that yoga can improve anyones state of mind and therefore their life. He currently teaches Vinyasa Flow and Restoratives. His love for yoga and food can be found on his blog.