Yoga for Sports

As a lifelong athlete, I have always been passionate about developing peak performance. Through yoga, athletes can grow stronger physically and mentally, unlocking their greatest potential. I look forward to training with you!

~Namaste, Julie

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I loved working with Julie and Bethany with some of my teammates with the US National Soccer Team. When we are training hard for soccer, our bodies can get tight and our minds can get busy. Julie and Bethany were awesome at helping us get more flexible, stronger, and more balanced. They really took the time to get a feel for what we needed individually, and it helped me tremendously. Now, I really love yoga, and I have a much deeper appreciation for the practice.

Professional Soccer Player, Heather O'Reilly

Yoga for Sports Sessions

Through Sports Yoga Training, the athlete is trained in the following:

Private and Team Sessions are available. Each session consists of the following:

Private Sessions

Designed to fit the individual needs of the athlete, whether it be enhancing personal performance or rehabilitation to overcome injury.

Team Sessions

Designed to target specific muscle groups essential to the sport & teach use of visualization and meditation. Studies show group meditating enhances both the individual and collective experience.

US Women's Volleyball Team Session

Soccer Yoga Lite iPhone App

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About Julie's Yoga for Sports

Julie learned while young to use the power of her mind through meditation and mental imagery to improve gymnastic performance. She went on to study Psychology and Phys. Education at Union college in Kentucky, where she was a springboard diver and soccer player. Her passion, focus and meditation earned her All-American recognition in diving. Julie continued her academic path at Northern Arizona University where she earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.